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My name is Latch Drepaul. Originally from London, I have been based on the South Coast since 2007.

I have been an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) since 1998. I started out as an Instructor with the British School of Motoring (BSM) Central London and Surrey branches.

I have also been a Sub-contractor Instructor in the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This involved working from various Military Camps, including Blandford (Signals), Minley (Engineers) and Military Police and Southwick. My work was Driver Training at these camps.

I have also been part of the YOUNG Driver Instructor Team. This involved Driver Education to under–17s. It mostly involved ages 11-17. This is a fantastic scheme to start Driver Education and Awareness at such an early age.

Since 2015, I have conducted mostly Intensive Courses and Semi–intensive Courses. I am now offering these Courses, as well as the other Courses mentioned earlier.

I have attended courses from the Driving Instructor Association (DIA), including training clients with Diverse Needs and Driver Behaviour and Coaching. With these differing types of training, I feel I have the necessary skills to treat young and older clients alike.

You have to be relaxed driving and I feel the best way to achieve your goes is to feel comfortable with your Instructor. I am jovial but professional. I have a great sense of humour which makes lessons fun and less stressful. I have a very approachable and friendly disposition. I am reassuring and have a calm, relaxed manner. I am pleased to talk about any issues. These components will make you feel relaxed about your driving, which in turn will lead to a safe and comfortable drive for all.

In my years as an ADI, I have sat next to many clients from all walks of life and different background – from the fast pace of London to the tranquil pace of villages. I have taught many clients. I get to know you and you get to know me. I will strive to pass on my expertise and knowledge of the roads to you. With us working as a team, we should achieve our goals: Expert Driver Training, Leading to Safe Driving. Reducing the Risk but maximising the Safety.

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