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Motorway Driving Tuition

Since June 2018 learner drivers are allowed to train on the motorway network as long as they are in a dual–controlled vehicle, supervised by an Approved Driving Instructor. This means that parents who are not Approved Driving Instructors are not permitted to take children who are learning to drive with them on a motorway as part of a driving lesson. Each day traffic reports report motorway delays – mostly caused by crashes.

A significant number of drivers travelling on these networks passed their driving test many years previously and may well have had no or very little training on such roads.

Motorway Blind Spots

The main problems are vehicles travelling far too close to each other, giving drivers insufficient reaction time if problems arise with vehicles ahead of them. Some drivers have very little clue about what blind spots are and are oblivious to the fact that their own vehicle has a left–hand door mirror.

The motorway course is therefore very important. It helps to maximise a driver's skill set; in turn, it definitely minimises risk and it certainly helps to maximise the safety of the driver in fast–moving conditions. Crashing at high speeds is at the very least unpleasant and, at the very worst, fatal. Get Prepared!

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