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Intensive Driving Courses

These are specifically designed for clients who are looking at obtaining a driving licence in a week or two–week period. Work opportunities or family circumstances might have led to the intensive courses being selected. These courses can run from an 8–hour to a 48–hour course. It depends on experience of driving – whether it be from previous professional tuition or previous private practice session with family or friends.

The 8–hour course would suit some clients who may have recently failed a test and require remedial training before their next test.

The 48–hour course is for beginners. These clients have had hardly any or absolutely no driving experience.

So, courses available to book range from 8 hour to 48 hours, with 10, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44 and 48 hours to choose from. Usually, this means 4 hours a day – sometimes, 5 or 6 hours a day – taking into consideration the length of course preferred and any client and tutor time constraints. The best solution will be discussed with you.

Driver Assessment

I can also offer assessment lessons to recommend which course would be the best choice. This is useful for clients who have had in excess of 10 hours of driving experience previously. If more sessions are needed approaching the test date, this is certainly something that will be discussed, in order to make sure that you are properly prepared both physically and mentally to take the test. I appreciate that financial constraints are an important consideration but recommend that you bear in mind that if you do fail a test, you will incur additional costs in terms of a new test and any remedial lessons you might need prior to the next test date. Be Prepared!

Some clients do book more lessons than they actually need. Some like to use all the lessons. I do feel you can benefit from driving as much as you can in all conditions and all areas. If some hours are left over, this can be discussed and a decision made on how best to use the hours. We can discuss a refund of hours or using outstanding hours for post-test training which could take place in the form of Pass Plus training (usually 6 hours of modules), or Motorway training, Advanced driving skills – even Driving on Snow and Ice, weather permitting! We could also thing about developing skills that clients still feel they need work on – manoeuvres or carriageway skills, for example.

Semi–Intensive Courses

These courses can be spread out a bit more – for example, 4 to 6 weeks. They are designed to help clients who have an imminent theory test but want to start their driving. This course helps by being less intense, taking away some of the stress and pressure experienced by some clients.

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