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Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus Course is offered as an extra post-test course to further enhance the driver's skills. It usually comprises 6 modules, including town driving, night driving, motorway driving and all-weather driving. Some of these modules may well have been practised during pre–test training; some may not.

So, we discuss what has been practised before and then try to advance those skills in more complex situations. If clients are first-time night–time or motorway drivers, this course is particularly important. A driver's eyes can take a while to adjust to the dark. In some cases, clients have never undergone training on roads with speed limits above 40 mph. Doesn't sound right, does it? We make sure that you are trained properly to be able to control your vehicle up to the maximum speed of 70 mph.

For the all–weather driving module, we discuss in theory how to manage to drive in adverse conditions – rain, snow, ice, etc. If we can also manage to be driving in any of these conditions, then all the better.

This course will certainly enhance existing skills and elevate a client's driving ability to a more advanced level.

A certificate is signed and sent away to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). I would also suggest you find out which insurers are willing to cut insurance premiums for the year as a bonus for the client's Pass Plus scheme participation.

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